Aaron Sinclair | Creative Director | Filmmaker

The Story is the Guide.

I began my story 7 years ago with the creation of Two Hearts Media. After becoming one of the top wedding coverage providers in the province we shifted our attention to another passion even closer to our hearts; Crushed Rockets Motion Pictures.

A Two Person Army

Creative Direction has always been a key distinction of the Crushed Rockets brand. We don't just have cameras, we have ideas.

I've always had an affinity for putting the pieces together...

Whether it was the words, the image, the colors or the sounds I find myself taken with the story of a project. How does a font change what we are saying? How does the music affect the audience? There are so many decisions to be made and I really just relish in each one. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing those decisions come together and make something greater than the sum of it's parts.