We love film.

We love every little bit of film. Movies. Music Videos. Branding & Marketing Films. You name it, we love the way film tells a story. This company is ran by Sherona Darling & Aaron Sinclair, a creative team who each bring a unique dynamic to their films.

So you have a script that needs to be a film. An idea to take your brand to the next level. You have have product that would look great in a shoot. You just need a damn video made! Let's talk.

Sherona Darling belongs to a new generation of producers willing to wander into uncharted waters to create exciting cinema in new ways. Sherona knows the value in getting the camera rolling and having an audience in front of the screen.

When Sherona was young she used to have nightmares. To console her, Sherona's dad would tell her that maybe someday she could make movies out of those dreams. From then on, she has always been drawn to film and the filmmaking process. You can see genuine enthusiasm for every department, every aspect of film in her eyes after talking to her for only a few minutes on the subject. It's this love for the hustle and bustle that has drawn her to producing, putting forth a number of exciting projects in a short span of time. 

Sherona has brought forward a number of exciting projects that have gained international attention at Film Festivals including multiple awards and nominations.

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Aaron Sinclair is an exciting young director whose projects thus far seem to grow in leaps and bounds. He blends his passion for film, story, music, photography & people into every project he takes on. Aaron's work is often a blend of raw reality and surreal fantasy, either avenue focused heavily on the emotional plight of his characters.

Aaron has directed numerous music videos, mini-docs, short films and creative concepts over the past few years including many appearances at film festivals and awards shows. His work is visual and powerful.

Aaron is currently in development on multiple feature films, short films and several music video. 

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