We are accepting submissions for the following roles.


Please note that most of the character ages are relatively flexible and referring to the on camera appearance not the actors age.

At this time all productions are non-union.


A vignette of a young couple's first eight anniversaries.


Character Age: 23-30

Caucasian Male

Please note that this role requires intimate scenes with the Wife character. 


We are seeking 3-5 featured background to play friends of the couple on one of their anniversaries. Age 23-35


We are also seeking a variety of people to play Wedding Background including Parents, Grandparents, Friends & Bridal Party. Semi-formal Dress required.

Shooting Late August


a lyrical short film about the pitfalls of relationships.

M, HUMAN EARLY TWENTIES, is an instinctual being who puts her the moment first and the leaves the future to itself. She is passionate and wild.

J, HUMAN EARLY TWENTIES, is an over-thinker who is deeply in love and that scares her. Her point of view is represented by the lyric.

These parts are written open to all genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities.

Both roles include alcohol and tobacco use, passionate kissing and dancing.

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Thank you. We will be in touch with a time slot soon.

We will forward sides to all of those who are invited to audition.