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hey r u ok? is designed specifically for vertical viewing mediums such as Instagram Stories, IGTV, Snapchat and Facebook Stories.

Shot in 4K 9:16 this content meets the viewer where they are and stuns them with captivating visuals and relatable story.

The series will be made up of 10 episodes ranging from 1-3 minutes long each. Short and sweet.

vertical phone.jpg

i hope this night never ends.


In order to make hey r u ok? a success we are looking to partner with one to three brands that really line up with the heart of this story and aesthetic. The ideal brands would likely share these key attributes:

  • a rebellious attitude

  • free spirited

  • female empowerment

  • individuality

They would not be opposed to sponsoring entertainment containing:

  • swearing

  • sexuality

  • alcohol use

  • depictions of minor law breaking

Sound like a match? Great. Let's talk about how we can partner.

tier 1.

  •  Title Sponsor

    • Name/logo in opening credits

    • Name/logo in teasers

    • Name/logo at forefront of website

    • Name/logo at forefront of Instagram Profile

  • Season will Premiere and screen exclusively on Sponsors Instagram/IGTV channel.


  •  Custom Content will be provided to Sponsor including:

    • 10x Episodes (1-3 Minutes)

    • 20x Teasers (10-15 Seconds)

    • 15 Editorial Style Photos

    • BTS Production Photos

    • BTS Production Vlog

  • Product placement available. (Frequency and degree will depend on the product)


  • Exclusive Sponsor


  • Cast & Crew live stream "Brought to You By..."


tier 2.

  •  Shared Sponsor Spot

  •  No competing brands allowed! (Unless all parties agree on the collaboration)


  •  Name/logo in closing credits

  •  Name/logo on website

  •  Name in Instagram bio


  •  Episodes & teasers made available for posting on Sponsors channels after season run

  • -Photos/stills made available for posting on sponsors channels after season run


  • Tag in all social media posts

  • One hashtag of choosing available

  • Permanent post recognizing sponsor at season end

  •  Mention in stories 2x during season run


  • Product placement available in at least one episode


tier 3.

  • Collaborative Sponsor Spot

  • Name/logo on in closing credits

  • Name/logo on website


  • Tag in all social media posts

  • Permanent post recognizing sponsor at season end

  • Product placement available in at least one episode


ok, i'm a believer.

let's make magic.

Aaron Sinclair | Creative Director


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