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Collabortive Content is Win Win Win

The pitch is simple: Incredible Photography & Eye-catching films custom designed for your brand all in one package. You provide us with the product and we'll provide you with next level content.

We are a team that works together frequently and has always found a way to drive each other to better content. We are now offering that collaboration in a simple new package.

How it Works

1. Tell us about your brand and the campaign you want to unleash on the world.

2. Send us the product you want featured in the campaign.


3. Sit back and relax. We will take care of all the shoot details all while keeping you up to date on our progress.


4. Unleash your content. All files will be provided to you via Dropbox so that you have full access to the highest quality images.

What You Get

1. Development of Shoot Concept

2. All Shoot Elements including Location, Hair, Make Up and Model.

3. Three looks.

4. Digital Files including:

  • 18 High Resolution digital images. 3 Vertical, 3 Horizontal of each look.

  • 1-2 Minute Narrative/Visual Film including all three looks.

  • 6 Teaser videos. 2 for each look (one vertical, one horizontal

5. BTS Tagging on Social

6. Dedicated posts on Social once you've released the campaign.​

$2449 (plus tax)


Thanks! Message sent.