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Glowstrong #local is a sleek new marketing platform offering stylized advertising specifically to YQR and area. Glowstrong is a growing Health and Wellness brand that already draws attention to local businesses through its webseries.


Glowstrong #local will create short form consumable content that focuses on bringing new experiences and businesses to our audience.

We will create a variety of themes and focuses for each video list. We believe in collaboration so all participants in the episode will be asked to share to their social media platforms; expanding the total reach of the feature.

We will be launching #local on August 15th, 2019. Book your slot now.



game vertical.

Meet your audience where they are. 500 Million users are watching Instagram Stories every day. It's time to tell your story.

Cinematic & story-driven are the two keys to every video we produce. Capture their eyes and steal their hearts. We believe in creating more than content.

Shot in 4k 9:16 on cinema level production cameras, we are creating films with the care and quality that you've built into your brand. We are telling stories that align with the heart of your brand.


  • 4k Production of The Feature

  • Post Production & Graphics

  • Release on Glowstrong Facebook & Instagram

  • Cross Promotion on Participants Social (3-5 Participants per Feature)


(plus tax)​

let's make magic.

Aaron Sinclair | Creative Director


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