meet me where we fell in love.

when everything

goes wrong on

her birthday




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there is only one person

and one place she wants to be.

meet me where we fell in love.


ELIZABETH is lying in bed face timing with new husband BEN. It is Elizabeth's birthday tomorrow and Ben is away on business; he clearly wishes he could be there but she puts on a strong face and tells him it will be ok.

Meet Me Where We Fell In Love TITLE SLATE

The alarm sounds. Elizabeth looks at her phone to find the notifications are starting to come in already.

Elizabeth stands in line at a coffee shop. The BARISTA immediately recognizes Elizabeth and asks if it will be the usual. Elizabeth ponders for a moment and decides to get a Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk instead since it's her birthday. The barista offers the latte on the house as Elizabeth smiles to herself.


As Elizabeth walks down the street she has a certain spring in her step until someone walks into her and spills her coffee. She is obviously disappointed so she takes a selfie with the caption "Not a great start" and sends it to Ben.


When Elizabeth gets to her work she is surprised by her co-workers with a cupcake and an awkward singing of "Happy Birthday" and an ice cream cake she can't eat.


Elizabeth stops into a fashion store downtown and grabs a new shirt to replace the one that is stained.


Elizabeth jumps in a cab for her next meeting and argues with the cab driver about the best way to get to her meeting.


Elizabeth is late to her meeting.


The client at the meeting treats her like a little girl playing dress-up, even though she is very well prepared.


Elizabeth is downtrodden on the ride back to her office.


Elizabeth gets back to her office to find flowers with a note on them that reads "Meet me where we fell in love."


Elizabeth walks up to the hotel and gets on the elevator.


When she arrives the sun is setting over the city and Ben is waiting with a cupcake with a sparkler in it. Elizabeth smiles when she sees him.


Ben stands behind Elizabeth with his arms wrapped around her as they look out onto the city.






Our end goal is to create an emotional vignette about a determined young business couple who rely on each other and their home to get through the toughest days.

It is one of those days when everything goes wrong and feels out of place; when you spill on yourself and your coworkers screw up your birthday cake.

But when everything should feel lost it all melts away when you get to that favourite spot and see your partner's smile.

This will be shot in a filmic fashion that will play well anywhere from cell phones to the theatre.

Think This Is Us meets Master of None.

the film.

60 Second Commercial Spot

      high production value means this spot will be eye catching on everything from a cell phone to a tv, lap top to a theatre screen.

15-30 Second Teaser Version

15 Second Vertical Teaser Version


(plus tax)