What. the. heck. are we talking about. It's simple really - we shoot all of the time. And because we shoot all the time, we collaborate all the time too. We are simply looking for like minded individuals who want to see their talents and products put to good use. Models, Actors, Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists, Fashion Designers, Jewelry & Accessories, & even Locations are all extremely useful in collaborations.

Brands & Designers

We know the struggle. Content can feel sort of like a never-ending mountain. An all consuming beast. A relentless grade school teacher. You get the point. That's why we've made it simple, tell us about the products you need content for and we'll see if it fits into our upcoming collaborations. If it does, send it our way and presto, you've got some high quality editorial style video and photos for your stuff. It's just that simple. On top of that - you'll have the entire team tagging and reposting your brand.

Although we are interested in ALL kinds of products we'd love to hear from Indie Fashion Labels, Lingerie & Intimates Designers & Brands, Jewelry Designers & Brands, Purse Designers & Brands.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Aaron (@and_sinclair)

Sherona (@sheronadarling)

Crushed Rockets

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