We got cold for this one! I can't watch this film without being completely amazed by how well Aliona keeps it together even though it was crazy cold out when we were shooting. Shot on location in Indian Head, SK & Regina, SK though it doesn't really look like it. This was also one of our first collaborations with Jackie Hall Photo so we've got a beautiful photo set to go along with it!

The fascinating part about collaborations like this is that while you can certainly pick out the personal touches from Jackie on the photos and our style on the video; the two different mediums compliment each other beautifully. They can each stand on their own and yet are enhanced when they are viewed together.

We had a great crew of very talented people bring this together:

Starring Aliona Leanca

Direction & Music by Aaron Sinclair

Produced & Edited by Sherona Sinclair

Photography by Jackie Hall Photo

Hair by Sydni Marie Beauty

Makeup by Makeup by Charity Elle

Jewelry by B.Luminous Jewelry

Wardrobe Provided by MariAnne Dress Studio

Harness by Vixen Raw

Aaron - @and_sinclair

Crushed Rockets

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