I always hate it when I hear people complaining about new music; ya know? Like those guys who only listen to Led Zeppelin and act like they are better than everyone else.

But then sometimes I like that. I mean, I don't say it out loud or complain because I know there's a TON of new music that I LOVE. But then I'll listen to Third Eye Blind's Debut album on repeat for a month straight.

Which is even weirder because at least there's an argument for Led Zeppelin as a great rocknroll band (even though they mostly just stole all their shit). But nobody is going around touting the greatness of Third Eye Blind. I just can't help myself. It makes me feel good and reminds me of my teenage years. These were the first few albums I ever bought:

1. Third Eye Blind

2. Matchbox 20

3. The Wallflowers

And I still actually love all of those albums. But if I came across them today I probably wouldn't. Also, I'm trying to sound cooler than I am because the Space Jam Soundtrack should also be on that list (shh! I was young!...and it jams pretty hard.)

Oh, tomorrow is my birthday!

- Aaron Sinclair

Model - Camille Munro

Hair - Brittany Wallace

Make Up - Charity Elle

Photogs - Aaron and Sherona

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