On the day we are starting to move into the bigger office down the hall the remaining holdouts of working light bulbs all burnt out. I'm not exactly superstitious but sometimes I get the impression that some message is being sent from some where.

I haven't quite perfected the art of vertical/portrait shots. I know you are supposed to shoot portrait/fashion vertically but I'm just drawn to the horizon. Sherona pointed out today that we are filmmakers and that kind of actually makes sense. Sorry about your toes Sunita!

Never mind that last part. Everything I shoot is always on purpose.

Black and white was an editing decision. I very rarely choose black and white but I feel like it worked well with the story we were trying to tell.

I have mixed feelings about randomly spouting my thoughts throughout the blog but ya'll need something to read.

Model - Sunita Amiri

Photogs - Sherona and Aaron

Hair - Aaron Brousseau

Make Up - La Beaute by Samantha

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