element pt. 1

It's surprising how well things can come together last minute with photoshoots, honestly I'm almost at the point where I don't like to plan a whole lot of the shoot. I mean sure, there are somethings you have to arrange, but if you can just show up and explore and shoot in the spots that work, then why not?

Sherona had got a call from one of her previous film school instructors to come to Winnipeg and do some work on a VR rig for the NHL. Which is kind of exactly her jam. Free hotel room, so I came too!

These last two are a couple of my favorite shots I've done. I wasn't really sure how it would work out shooting in a limited environment (too cold to go outside) so we were stuck in the room. These colors couldn't have worked out better though.

Moral of the story being, don't plan, just shoot, it'll probably work out.

Model - Kristin Coyle of Numa Models Winnipeg

Photog - Aaron Sinclair

Make Up - Josh Stark

Hair - Robin Moffat-Portillo

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