As Sherona asked me if she should keep the bra we found under our bed, I once again reconsidered by philosophy when it comes to finding a good deal on accommodations. "Probably not" I remarked. Sherona gave it one more inspection. "Yeah. It is cute though." She tossed it in the trash and proceeded give her hands a rinse.

In all fairness, I wasn't looking for a deal so much as I thought it would be fun to stay some place with cool artsy beach vibes so we could shoot in it. The price kind of allowed me to extend the trip a little longer because it was quite affordable. We'd never been to Rockaway and were kind of in need of a vacation in between a crazy summer and the forthcoming festival and networking extravaganza we were about to tackle in the city. Forever hoping that someone will see some value in our content I emailed the motel to see if we could do an exchange for some photos & video for accommodations.

The Motel got back to me eventually politely declining our offer and mentioned that we could shoot throughout the property for a (relatively hefty) fee. We in turned declined their offer and prepared for our regular hotel stay. This probably would have been a good time to mention that the Motel was GOD DAMN CONDEMNED.

I'm glad that we went out to Rockaway. We learnt stuff about surfers, had some incredible food, got the bit of relaxation we need. Don't stay there if you intend on going into the city every day. In fact, probably don't stay there unless you're surfing. Especially now that the Playland Motel is closed.

The first thing I see every morning.

The funny thing about this set is that I think it's one of my favorites but I ended up setting it aside for a while before I got to editing. Funny enough my first pass just isn't as moody as this one, so I think sometimes you need more time to figure out what it is you're trying to do.

Oh yes, the Motel. So we got there and the bar underneath was jumpin. We got settled in and went down for a drink and some food, which was also incredible. I noticed that the patio was closed and there was a sign on the door with the NYC Permit logo on it that had the condemned notice on it. I thought "Oh, the patio must need some work." A few days later there was one on a door that had been open most of the time as well. It dawned on us that we had been staying in a condemned motel. The last couple days of our stay the grill was closed and there was no staff at the motel. We didn't check out, we just...kind of left. I am entirely convinced that we were indeed the last people to ever stay at the Playland Motel in Rockaway.

Model - Sherona

Photog - Aaron


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