Casting Call: Megan Nash Adventure Fantasy Music Video

CRUSHED ROCKETS MOTION PICTURES is seeking actors for the following roles for production in early July:



Passes for age 12-15

Some dance an asset

Must be willing to go in shallow water.

Synda is the eldest of the two sisters, she is the leader of the two, confident and sure footed. She is bonded to the earth using plants and soil to create unique things.



Passes for age 7-10

Some dance an asset

Must be willing to go in shallow water

Rili is the younger of the two sisters. She is more innocent and curious. Rili is grounded in the spiritual world seeing and hearing things that others can't.

Please note that Synda and Rili are sisters and some amount of resemblance will be considered for casting. These roles would be a great opportunity for real life sisters.



Age 18 - 35


Potential for Body Make-Up

The Warrior is a spiritual being battling for the Sister's souls. She comes from the earth.



Age 18 - 35

Athletic/Tall Build

Face will be covered

Heavy Make Up/Costuming

We are also seeking the following roles:

SHADOW PEOPLE (4) - A costumed role, the shadow people are forest spirits.

LILT DANCERS (4) - We are interested in 4 dancers who are able to do the Celtic dance "The Lilt"

SPIRIT DANCERS (4) - We are also interested in people able to perform various types of traditional dances.

As always we are interested in having diversity on screen so we welcome all races, genders and body types to apply. Acting experience and professional head shots are not required. If you are interested in any of these roles please send the following:


Role(s) you are applying for:


Acting Experience (if any):

Dance Experience (if any):

Are you able to swim/be in shallow water?

Please answer all of these questions and send a head shot and full length photo (cell phone photos OK) to

Thanks and see you soon!

Crushed Rockets

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