An introspective journey into this land we call home...

This feature length documentary is an examination of our identity as a province both on the national level but also within ourselves. We are a small province that is often the butt of a bad joke and yet we are rarely given a voice that truly feels authentic or dignified. When we are travelling we can likely predict the responses to "I'm from Saskatchewan" based on the direction we've traveled;

   South - Where?

   West - I'm sorry.

   East - Oh, do you know Bob from Saskatoon?

So is that all? Are we stuck with a bad joke and predictable responses?

What makes something Saskatchewan?
Director's Statement

I was born and raised on a farm outside of Limerick, Saskatchewan. The population of Limerick according to the 2016 Census is 115. I attended Limerick school from Kindergarden until Grade 12. There were 5 people in my graduating class in 2003. The school was shut down in 2007 along with a handful of other rural schools. There are two stores in Limerick; a Co-op service station and small grocery store called Lucky Dollar Foods, but everyone just calls it Dave's.


"If you blink, you miss it." is an expression I hear often from people who have happened to drive by Limerick at some point in their lives. My feelings toward this town and similarly this province are mixed. I grew up here, I became who I am now because of this place. I have an understanding of growing crops, raising cattle, fixing equipment, why chevy is always better than ford and how to play hockey, baseball and football because of Limerick, Saskatchewan.


The thing about that is, that isn't really me, not fully. Most people who know me, know me as a filmmaker or a photographer. They might even know me as a musician or a writer, but only a few old friends and family members would know what the farm means to me or what my youth was like in Limerick.


The reason why I am interested in a documentary about the duality of Saskatchewan is that it is something that is very much alive in me. I have often incorporated relics from my past into my work but have never outright examined it in film. It is a very personal film for me because "What is Saskatchewan?" almost feels like "Who Am I?".


Visually I want to capture Saskatchewan in a new way. We've all seen bright and beautiful images of lush yellow wheat fields with the backdrop of a vibrant sunset. For me the beauty lies in some of the darker and moodier scenes; small towns & family farms fighting to maintain their way of life, artists trying to find their place, the struggle of identity in a place that has an unclear identity of it's own.


We will meet the people of Saskatchewan and see Saskatchewan as it is.

                                                                         - Aaron Sinclair


a wanderer & a storyteller
Andrew Hiltz

Andrew has explored much of Saskatchewan while serving as the Sask Wanderer. His dynamic personality and adventurous spirit makes him the perfect person to explore the Saskatchewan identity.

Aaron Sinclair

Aaron is a constant creative force at Crushed Rockets Motion Pictures. He has directed several music videos, a web series and many short films. His cinematic vision and storytelling ability will give Saskatchewan a unique showing on the big screen.

nothing worth having
comes easy
Film Structure

Part 1: Intro

    We will start the film with a brief introduction to Saskatchewan. Who we are according to the numbers, history and the rest of the world.


Part 2: Who We Are According to Us

  • Street Level Questions in Regina, Saskatoon and Small Towns.

    • ​What is something that is so Saskatchewan?

    • What is the heart of Saskatchewan?


Part 3: The Scene Route

  • We explore the geographical duality of Saskatchewan

    • ​Is there more than meets the eye? (Big Muddy, Sand Dunes, Prince Albert Park, Qu'appelle Valley)

    • Is flat beautiful?

Part 4: Who Is Saskatchewan?

  • We meet the people of Saskatchewan.

    • ​Broken Arrow Youth Ranch: A ranch in Wood Mountain Saskatchewan devoted to aiding misplaced youth.

    • A Hamlet of Artists (Forget, Mortlach, Indian Head): We visit tiny towns in Saskatchewan with unique and eclectic reputations.

    • Indigenous Voices

    • The Immigrant's Journey

    • The Family Farm

    • Prairie Artists

Part 5: The Journey Home

  • Aaron and Andrew both travel to their home towns in an attempt to discover what inspired them to follow an unexpected path. Are they who they are in spite of Saskatchewan or because of it?

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for partners in this journey.

At the end of the day a story like this has to come from the heart. We are looking for companies and brands that have an earnest stake in sharing and celebrating what it means to be from Saskatchewan.


Our ideal partners are likely:

  • Community Driven

  • Proudly Saskatchewan

  • Supportive of the Arts

  • Interested in a Diverse Marketing Platform

  • Adventurous

If we sound like a match, let's continue the conversation...
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