In late February we will depart on an adventure from Regina, SK to Banff, AB. The journey will be a whirlwind of content creation highlighting a number of amazing brands.

The focus of ROCKETtrips is to create one of a kind, eye catching content for each brand that supplies us with products or services.

We are a pair of international award winning filmmakers and have had our work featured in several film festivals including SOHO International Film Festival and Golden Door International Film Festival where our film was nominated for 4 awards including Best Short Film and Best Director.


In a climate that comes with an unceasing demand for content we still hold fast to the belief that a compelling story cuts through all the noise and speaks to the heart of the viewer. Much of marketing today is focused on followers & likes but our aim is to give our clients the tools they need to become leaders.



By working with multiple brands on each ROCKETtrip our aim is to create a platform for an unexpected little community of businesses to form and support each other. We encourage all participants to cross promote and engage with the others so that the benefits are maximized for all!  

Social Media

We acknowledge that our numbers might not stack to up to some of the wonderful bloggers and creators out there as our blog and instagram are in their infancy. We are first and foremost creators of high quality, original content.


However, we don't view this in a negative light; this only means we are extra driven to deliver exciting content. At this point it may make sense to look at us like an agency creating an ad campaign in exchange for your products and services. That being said here are our numbers:

Crushed Rockets

Since launching January 10th the website has received 1322 page views 19.26% coming from the US and 12.6% coming from Canada.


Launched on Decemer 31, 2016 @crushedrockets Instagram now has 700 followers and has been averaging 150-300 likes per post.


Crushed Rockets 421 followers on Facebook.

Personal Accounts

Sherona Darling

@sheronadarling has 4300 followers

Averages 200 views per Snap

Sherona Darling has 723 Followers on Facebook

Sherona Sinclair has 2000 Facebook friends

Aaron Sinclair

@and_sinclair has 564 followers

Aaron Sinclair has 401 Facebook Friends


- 30-90 second (approx) lifestyle video highlighting the product in a unique way.

- 3-5 Instagram Cuts of the video

- 3-15 Editorial Style Pictures featuring the project

- Inclusion in the ROCKETtrip highlight film.

- A dedicated blog post for your product.

- Behind the scene & vlog style shots of your product on 3 Instagram Stories & Snapchat.

-Live stream product features on Facebook & Instagram



*Please know that these deliverables may be scaled or tailored to suit your product. The more you give us, the more we can do with it. We are also devoted to great content so if we find something extra along the way, we will do it.  

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Sherona Sinclair


Aaron Sinclair